At Premier Construction Group, we are experts in commercial roof repairs and offer a range of services designed to minimize business disruption, save you money, and preserve the value of your asset.

We provide slate and tile repairs, ensuring that your building remains in good shape, no matter the weather conditions. Our team carries a stock of slate and common concrete and clay tiles, enabling us to carry out repairs quickly and reliably.

We also offer site surveys and photographic reports, using our own fleet of truck-mounted access platforms to respond quickly to your needs. Our reports include photographic documentation, providing an accurate picture of the roof's condition and listing any recommended repairs and improvements.

In addition, we specialize in roof light replacement, with vast experience in replacing all kinds of roof lights. Our team surveys the profile of the sheeting involved and uses in-house specialist plant and equipment for easy access to the light.

We also provide roof cleaning and moss removal services to prevent blockages in gutters and building pipes, which can damage your building and cost you more in the long run. Our experience covers all kinds of roofs, and our specialist plant and fleet of access platforms ensure that we arrive with the optimum equipment to handle the job at the most competitive price.

Finally, we offer comprehensive lead flashing repair and replacement services. However, due to the spiraling price of metal, we are aware of the increase in lead thefts from buildings.